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Until now, you had heard about Blackboard plenty of times, but really didn't understand what all the fuss was about.

It's a substitute for conventional Blackboard or digital boards and is the greatest tool for teaching and learning. It's a unique and innovative educational-cum-presentation tool with new functionalities. It's a combination of writing, presentation and drawing tools.

The product saves 90% of expenditure in using paper, color and writing accessories. It involves paperless management creating an eco-friendly atmosphere. This tool ensures utter satisfaction in users within their teaching and learning process. It's also used in daily life in the home and office.

This tool is really a substitute for conventional Blackboard or digital boards. Whatever is taught and drawn using virtual blackboard in the class is saved automatically for future reference. It can also be replayed step-by-step as it had been drawn on the virtual blackboard in the class while teaching and will be modified as so when required.

The files recorded out of this tool are extremely small in dimensions when compared with any video format. Consequently, it can be seen through internet in really low bandwidth. Even you are able to listen to the audio in virtually any mp3 player device.

A child's brain is blank, when he/she comes into the world. Their brains aren't equipped with any type of previous knowledge. Then when a teacher teaches any subject and provides any content knowledge once, it's not possible for just about any child to get and remember it in totality. The data can be consolidated within their brain when they study more quantity of times. For this a teacher needs to teach or explain the topic contents quantity of times to be able to induce the data in the child's brain. For this function our tool involves teachers help. Regardless of the teacher teaches once, it will likely be saved through our tool for future reference of the student. This way the parents may also use this tool to show their children in the home which may be referred by the kids as often as they need. Even they are able to track the research time and duration of the children.

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For the experts, this tool is very much indeed useful to create their tutorials without needing video camera and likely to studio for editing the video contents. They are able to do it at themselves without incurring any expenses.

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Unique features and benefits:

- You don't need to calibrate.
- Just power on and begin teaching.
- You don't need to stand-up and teach.
- It keeps your class room clean and eco-friendly.
- No need of pen, paper and color.
- Record automatically whatever taught in the class with voiceover.
- You don't need to give file names every time. It saves under selected subject and chapter.
- Records vector dynamic video with top quality.
- Captured files just take very less space.
- Replay whenever it's important
- Distribute captured files to students/friends.
- No need of books. No importance of extra tuition classes.
- Update and edit any captured/recorded file.
- Add title and description, which may be searchable.

This is actually the best tool to create virtual classroom/digital classroom/smart class room. Just capture your lessons and schedule them such that it will save your valuable manpower. Teachers don’t need to repeat exactly the same lessons in various classrooms. They'll just replay the Virtual Blackboard captured video. It may be used for distance education.
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This article regarding Blackboard is meant to both inform and entertain those who read it. Hopefully, we have (will) accomplished both goals for you.